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Take advantage of catering your vegetarian meals or selling your favorite products to a targeted audience.

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As a vendor, your advertising is an important part of your outreach that is elevated with GAF.

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Your brand is your business and mass brand awareness is what you’ll get at Green Adventure.

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Special Event

The Green Adventure Festival will be an event unlike the usual. We will encompass many of the great entertainment features that many of your favorite festivals may have. However, we have an emphasis on how we lead our lives moving forward.

We hope everything you learn and eat will leave you with a sense of new found determination to live healthier, and a sense of satisfaction knowing that you can do your best to live your live sustainably for the only gem we have, planet earth.

We have been told to eat leafy greens for healthy reasons. Now, we need to take bold action to create the sustainable lifestyle we want, but we must do it responsibly.

Promoting a healthy lifestyle focused around the consumption of organic foods, doesn't have to be done cold turkey. If you're a carnivore, join us and see what the other side of good cooking has to offer.

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Top Vendor Requirements

All vendors must be sure to have the following items completed or taken cared of by their direct team or staff.

  1. All vendors have to bring their own tent to the festival.
  2. All vendors have to bring their own table and chairs to the festival.
  3. All the vendors have to provide all their permits that are required by law at the festival, as well as proper Insurance.
  4. Vendors are not allowed to dig holes at the venue grounds, all vendors must use heavy sandbag to stable their tents.

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