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    Welcom to the Green Adventure Festival!

    Go Green! Live Healthy.

    Oct 1st - 2nd 2022, 12pm to 10pm @ Silver Bowl Park
    6800 E. Russell Rd. Henderson, NV 89011

    X-Entertainment is bringing a vegan and vegetarian festival with live entertainment, great vegan and vegetarian food, live cirque style performers music bands and much more!

    At Green Adventure Festival, we are committed to advocating for a vegetarian and vegan culture. As well as the positive benefits & enjoyment that are attributed to going vegan or vegetarian.

    We aim to provide awareness to our guest and the general public alike, while reminding everyone to maintain a healthier sustainable style of living. Being healthy shouldn't be boring and it rarely is, so here's a great example via the Green Adventure Festival. Let's eat healthy and have a good time doing it.

    Green Adventure's food festival will provide an environment that isn't limited to just food, but will be infused with a fun and exciting entertainment. A healthier lifestyle is always more sustainable when you add a little fun into the mix.

    Sponsors are energetically invited to participate in this festival, to spread the knowledge of good health and environmental protection

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    Get the Scoops on Event Details!

    Our outdoor vegetarian & vegan event will introduce many new vendors that all cater to healthy lifestyle foods. If you are this vendor, reach us through the appropriate resource provided.

    Studies have shown that a healthy diet and a eco-friendly environment can help propel the body towards a more positive outcome. That's where the Green Adventure Festival comes in. Although environmental awareness among society has increased since the 21st century and people‘s dietary patterns have improved. These efforts are not enough to make up for lost time, so more should be done responsibly.

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    Capitalize on a niche targeted audience that are focused and dedicated to healthy living.


    Sponsorship spaces now available for multi-tier sponsors. Multiple packages are available.


    This will be an all days event with entertainment prepared for the natural skylight setting.


    Join our growing community of healthy lifestyle individuals from all across the Nation. Register